I Want to Start a Band Called “Intestinal Distress”

I can’t play any instruments, and while I believe that I can sing, I’ll lend another (lucky) individual the gift of being the lead singer of a band called “Intestinal Distress”.

When food is consumed, dietary fat is broken down by bile (not in the stomach), which is made from cholesterol. Bile is kinda like a soapy detergent that breaks down fat. Producing more bile in the gallbladder needs time to ramp up slowly, otherwise fat that doesn’t get emulsified will cause intestinal distress and diarrhea.

Imagine a horde of hot chicks wearing “Intestinal Distress” t-shirts or rambling online about how they can’t wait to see the next show or how they’d love to fuck the drummer senseless.

Nutritional science and a farcical band fantasy to kick this blog off.

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