Incest Fantasies and How Common They Are

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It’s a simple statement: if my mom were hot, I’d (naturally) lust after her. I’m sexually attracted to women that I find physically alluring.

It doesn’t make me a bad person; just means that I’d love to slap bodies with my dear mommy. A sexy woman can make a man do anything.

Incest is conceived to be ‘wrong’ by the casual masses because most people are socially conditioned to believe incestuous acts to be ‘gross’ or they instantly think of abuse. Abuse is horrible in any facet, but what about consensual incest? Still gross? If you ask a person why it’s so disgusting, they’ll likely say it’s because it’s morally wrong. Another conditioned belief.

Do you know the real reason why incest is considered ‘wrong’? The possibility of two related individuals with similar DNA/genes procreating and having a physically deformed or mentally disabled child. Even then, I’m not so sure the scientific backing on that claim is so pristine, but that’s another topic for another time.

What about anal incest?

Whenever I see somebody write online that they think incest is ‘SUPER GROSS!”, I have this notion that they secretly fantasize about it.

When it comes to online erotica, it’s obvious that the most popular genre is incest. On Literotica, XNXX, Lush Stories, ASSTR, it doesn’t matter. Incest gets people off. I’m sure the illicit, naughty content is the number one thing about it that causes this sexual arousal. Besides, incest fantasies are just that: fantasies. Fantasies can be kept secret (or spoken anonymously about online) and they don’t hurt anybody. Just imagine how many people in the world have secret dirty, depraved fantasies that they’ll never tell anyone or act on but secretly get off to them in private.

Imagine how many dads secretly fantasize about their teenage daughters. Hell, they might even sniff their own daughter(s)’ panties without anybody else in the household knowing it. Imagine the same about moms and their sons. Who knows? We don’t know. One can’t say how common incest fantasies are because 99% of the people out there that have them will never admit it. I mean, seriously, what kind of father would admit to sexually fantasizing about his daughter, secretly in private? He would never admit it. It does not mean that he doesn’t love his daughter — it just signifies that she’s a hot woman and he finds her body uncontrollably sexually stimulating, BUT the father is able to keep his depraved lust as merely a sexual fantasy that nobody — including his daughter — will ever find out about. You know why? Because it’s a hot fantasy, and fantasies don’t hurt anybody.

Like I said, you can’t accurately say how common incest fantasies are, but you can kind of guess — look at how popular the incest genre is in erotica and roleplay porn videos. I believe everybody in the world has had at least ONE incestuous thought or fantasy in their life. It may have been a passing thought or a quick fantasy they never gave another thought. Do you really not think that a girl doesn’t wonder about how big her daddy’s penis is? Or when a girl starts to masturbate, you don’t think she won’t think about her dad at least once? I mean, why not? Her dad is her protector, her guardian. It’s safe, to her. The thought may help her think that it’s OK to masturbate and reassure herself in a self-accepting way. It does not mean she’s going to act on it, so it’s OK.

As for myself, from the time I was 12-15, I was jacking off on a daily basis over fantasies of my two female cousins. I blame them for my obsession with girls’ butts. They both had big, round, bouncy asses and didn’t care who they showed them off to. They’d both wear tiny shorts, tight pants or anything of the like. I’d often get glimpses of their ass cracks and butt cheeks (when they’d bend over) on a regular basis. It was NOT wrong of me to have sexual thoughts — I was a teenage boy with an intense sex drive. Every day, I’d jack off and hump my bed to the thoughts of sniffing, kissing, licking and fucking them in the ass. If they ever stayed the nights over here, I’d try my best to find their dirty panties so that I could sniff the back end of them just to smell their asses (not the smell you are wondering, but their natural, sweaty, musky aroma — that sweet, feminine scent), and I would cum so hard.

I still found my two girl cousins with the big asses hot afterwards (and even today, I find them beautiful), but I began dating girls from school and thought about them less as the years went on.

Am I a freak? Nope. I was just a heterosexual boy with a high sex drive who happened to have two female cousins with big, round dick-teasing asses and it was ‘hard’ to deal with my desires to want to put my penis in their poopers.

Today, one of them is almost 33 and the other one just turned 36 a few months ago. The one that’s 33 might just look better than ever (although I still find that she was the most sexually attractive when I was 12-15, so I’m biased) as she’s in incredible shape and absolutely beautiful! The one that’s 36 is beautiful, too, but she’s gained a lot of weight over the years and is definitely overweight. Given the fantasy aspect coming true and having the chance to fuck them, yes, I would. But we have great relationships with each other, and I would never, ever act on it. It’s just that I used to sexually fantasize about them often, and I think the 33-year-old cousin knew about it, because she would often sit on my lap. Once, at the beach we frequently visited as a family (I was about 13-14), she got into a small bikini and had me put sunscreen on her. The bottom portion of the bikini was too small and her ass cheeks were hanging out. I had the hardest boner ever when I rubbed the lotion up the back of her legs and made slight contact with her ass cheeks. She simply said, “My butt cheeks are too big for this!” with a laugh. At that point, all I wanted to do was rip her bikini off and press my face in between her ass cheeks and inhale, sniff, lick and take in the full essence of her asshole.

2 thoughts on “Incest Fantasies and How Common They Are

  1. gunzof says:

    Dude i understand where you are coming from how ever i dream about those thing until i was 15 then i got may break when me an my cosein started playing around and we used to do oral and anal sex for a while until we got catch then after a strict warning from oir parents about a few months later when i was 16 my sister and i was playing a game and we were looking at cable when we saw a xxx show my sister got wick and i convinve her to suck my cock when i cum in her mouth she ask what was that and i told her it was sweet ju

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