The Type of Man a Woman Wants

Wanna know what type of guy a woman wants? Just look at her socio economic status. A tatted dude who weighs 100 lbs soaking wet can be pulling dimes regularly but those women probably don’t have much going for themselves or have low self esteem. Women are so fickle that there isn’t one general rule of thumb. I workout for my health and it keeps me young. Belly fat is a sign of low testosterone because as you get older that’s what happens, you get a gut and your testosterone levels drop.

If a woman can’t appreciate that you view your body as a temple, you eat healthy, no drugs/no alcohol, then fuck her. She just ain’t for you. Women are feminists these days. They want to get tatted up like dudes, drink like dudes, yet still be “princesses” and wonder why at 30 they’re aging so fast. Father time is undefeated and it’s wise to hold him off as long as you can, male or female. The whole HGH gut and vascular look is a far cry from the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aesthetics, so be mindful.

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