I Think I’m Going to Do No-Fap and Why

I’ve done No-Fap a few times now, successfully, if by successfully you mean for at least a week or more. No-Fap, if you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t, you live under a rock), is basically going without ejaculating from masturbation. That’s my definition of it. Others might say “without porn”, but porn has never been a problem for me, because my imagination has caused more arousal in my mind over some real girl than staring at the screen at some dolled up fake girl that’s been caked with makeup and had the Brazilian wax done to her.

Placebo or not, No-Fap has worked for me in the past. I’ve gained more energy from abstaining from cumming and I’ve felt stronger and as if I have a healthier sense of well being. There are no conclusive scientific studies that back up No-Fap, but that’s fine with me. My anecdotal testimonial of success from doing it outweighs the utter lack of peer reviewed scientific studies on the subject.

More and more men today are weaker and look like shit, more than ever. Lethargic, fat around the gut, chest and love handles, timid and afraid to talk to women, and overall pathetic caricatures of what they could be. I’m not attributing this to masturbation. Hell, I have no beef with masturbation. But if you are a man that’s jacking off to porn multiple times a day and you look like shit, get a clue. Personally, when I cum from masturbation, I get very tired. This has always been a fantastic sleep aid in the past. On the flipside, when I abstain from cumming via jacking off, I get an immense amount of energy that’s hard (pun not really intended) to convey through words.

My biggest problem with doing No-Fap is that I get hornier than ever. I edge, too. All the sites out there say to not edge, but fuck it, I’m edging. I also find myself writing sex stories (I have, on certain erotica sites). Some say this holds back progress, but I disagree. I haven’t blown my seed. I’m keeping it within. I find consensual incest to be a big turn on. It’s a massively fun topic to write and talk about. It’s illicit, dirty, taboo, private, all the adjectives you can think of, etc. When I do No-Fap, these story ideas pop into my head like crazy. This is going to happen again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

I think this will be pretty damn beneficial. Why wouldn’t it? It was before. When I do cum again, it’s going to feel amazing.

One thought on “I Think I’m Going to Do No-Fap and Why

  1. welfaremilf says:

    I abstained for a month (I know) and changed the quality of my orgasms forever. Word.

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